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Description of WITCHAVEN

Witchaven, an action game released in 1995 by IntraCorp. The game was released for PC (DOS).

In Witchhaven, the player's task is not easy to save the title land from the dark ritual prepared by the powerful witch Illwhryin. To this end, he goes as the knight of Grondoval to the island of Char, where he must break through to the heart of a huge, underground maze. He is on his way a whole bestiary of various creatures, such as goblins, undead and demons.

The player only starts with a dagger, but on the way he falls into his hands various spells and items of medieval weaponry. You can choose to eliminate opponents from a distance and focus on brutal melee combat. However, the fight is not everything: there are also puzzles based primarily on the skills of careful exploration.

Satisfaction with the game is added by the hero's development system, which gains experience throughout the game and strengthens in areas chosen by us (e.g. magic). Thanks to this, players can gradually adapt the knight Grondoval to their favorite style of play.

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