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Publisher: Epic MegaGames

Developer: Eclipse Software

Year: 1995

Genre: arcade




Tyrian, an arcade game released in 1995 by Epic MegaGames. The game was released for PC personal computers.
It's 2003. We play as experienced pilot Trent Hawkins. You were assigned to a new planet - Tyrian. One day your best friend was killed on this planet. Before he died he sent you information about the unique Gravitum mineral that wants to take over the enemy corporation Microsol. Gravitum is a powerful energy stone. In the hands of Microsol it will become very dangerous for all humanity. Your future depends on you ...
In the game you control a spaceship, which can be armed with several weapons and shields. On your way you will encounter many "aliens" that you will have to eliminate in order to complete your mission and avenge your friend.
Tyrian is a very dynamic game. Fans of space shooters will be shocked.



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