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Publisher: Renegade Software

Developer: Graftgold Creative Software

Year: 1995

Genre: action arcade




Virocop is an action game released in 1995 that introduces you to the world attacked by computer viruses. The player moves to a virtual amusement park, which is in danger of being destroyed by these viruses. He takes on the role of D.A.V.E. (Digital-Armed-Virus-Exterminator), a small robot that destroys everything that stands in its way. There are several computer games to be "cleansed", each of which requires completing its stages. The games differ thematically. For example, in a typical sports game, the player moves to a sports field, pool table or racing track.
Okay, but what D.A.V.E. defeats viruses? Our hero can choose from a rifle, bombs and mines. You can always expand his arsenal by going to the store. An additional advantage of the game is the ability to play in a two-person squad, where one player controls the character's movement and the other controls his weapons.


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