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Publisher: Microïds

Developer: Eugen Systems

Year: 2000

Genre: strategy rts




Times of Conflict is a strategy game released in 2000 by Microïds. The game was released for PC (Windows).
Times of Conflict is a strategy game in which the participants assume the role of a member of one of the three civilizations waging a war to gain total control over the planet Edhaer. The conflict between The Alliance, The Order of the Guild and The Foundation has been going on for centuries, and it is up to the player to decide which side they will take, leading the group to victory and power. The decision is not easy - all three factions have little military resources, depleted by one of the last wars. The player's task is to choose the right strategy, sound management and thoughtful command on the battlefield. It is impossible to be bored, because the game has as many as a hundred different missions to accomplish, as well as over thirty-three location maps where fights take place. The functional and transparent interface ensures pleasant and easy navigation, and the varied and addictive campaigns guarantee entertainment at the highest level. An additional advantage is three-dimensional graphics and many special effects that provide spectacular spectacles.

Install notes: For Windows 7+, after installing the game, copy the files from the patch folder to the installation location. Copy the ANIM folder to the DATA directory at the game installation location.


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