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Publisher: Strategic Simulations

Developer: Stormfront Studios

Year: 1993

Genre: strategy rpg




Stronghold is a game that combines the elements of simulation - construction of the castle and economic strategy - city management. A game created by Stormfront Studios and published by Strategic Simulations, Inc. in 1993. The game was created for PC and Macintosh.
Stronghold, as we mentioned at the outset, combines simulatio-economic-strategic elements. In this game you will find the best elements of strategy games combined with RPG elements. World in the game you are watching from a third person perspective. You play the "god", whose task is to build cities (including upgrading existing ones), contracting the army, conducting exploratory activities (including gaining resources). Settlers in your cities have unique features and skills - this is an important element in the game. We also mentioned the story of the RPG. As in games of this type, each of your warriors as you play, increases your level of skill.
Stronghold is a game that comes back years later. For years when it was born, it broke the innovative interface and gameplay. Graphics are at an import level. It is worth to play again in the Fortress. Recommended.


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