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Publisher: Core Design
Developer: Core Design
Year: 1995
Genre: arcade racing


BC Racers, an arcade-racing game released by Core Design in 1994. The prototype was created for Mega-CD systems. In 1995, Sega, 3DO and PC games were converted to freeware.
BC Racers is a sequel to the prehistoric hero Chuck Rock. The chuck between all the parts of the trilogy is Chuck (here comes together with his son Chuck the junior).
In the game there are 32 routes, each in a scenery such as desert, jungle, prehistoric city, etc. We have 6 heroes (drivers). Each vehicle has a side seat on which the companion sits, which can use "weapons" to damage a rival. There are no bonuses at the rally.
The game is set in the 3d world. Chuck Rock - funny (trees with eyes, ability to pass the spectators, etc). BC Racers offers four levels of difficulty - first level, very easy - because of the graphics, we recommend to children.



In the game you control the keyboard: "Q" - accelerate, "<" turn left, ">" turn right

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