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Description of STILL LIFE

Still Life is a classic adventure game from the creators of the cult series "Siberia". The title offers a suspenseful story balancing on the border between a thriller and a crime fiction.

Victoria McPherson, a brilliant young FBI agent, is investigating a serial murder. The number of victims begins to increase, and the lack of confirmed leads and a lot of clues make Victoria decide to visit her father in the suburbs of Chicago. However, instead of a moment of rest, the agent finds in a pile of family heirlooms a folder with documents describing crimes from decades ago, which seems to be suspiciously similar to the current case. Does anyone copy the actions of a serial killer who sowed terror seven decades ago? Or maybe he is still alive and committing more cruel crimes?

The game provides a captivating story set in well-designed locations full of intriguing characters. While traveling through Chicago and Prague, we get caught up in a real, detective plot, engaging us down to the last moments. Well-made film inserts also deserve praise.

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