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Description of STARGUNNER

Stargunner is a side-scrolling game with shooter elements. The game was released for DOS in 1996 and was released by Apogee Software, Ltd. The Stargunner gameplay takes us to outer space, where the fight between the Barak race and the inhabitants of the Amdara planet takes place. The title Stargunner is the code name of the Amdar group of pilots heading for a covert action against the enemy fleet. The player takes on the role of one of the group members and sets off on a space adventure.
The player controlling the spaceship controls it in a horizontal perspective. Incoming enemies can appear from either side. The main task of the player is to accurately aim and destroy opponents. There are thirty-four levels in total. In addition to shooting, it is also important to collect power-ups and green crystals, i.e. the local currency, appearing in the skies. In return for the money collected, the player can use the services of the local store to buy new equipment.

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