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Publisher: Empire Interactive Entertainment

Developer: TalonSoft, Inc.

Year: 1996

Genre: strategy turn-based




Battleground: Waterloo is a strategy game released in 1996 by Empire Interactive Entertainment. The game was released for PC (Windows).
The participant of the game has the opportunity to recreate the famous battle that took place in 1815 near Waterloo, Belgium. The player can prove himself by choosing to participate in the skirmish as any party to the conflict. Thus, it has a real impact on the course of the battle and its result, which in the game may turn out to be a victory for both English Wellington troops and French troops of Napoleon. The player has a real influence on what happens and how the conflict ends. He is not forced to play out a predetermined version of events. In the game, you can consider a different ending than it was historically. Battleground Waterloo is not an easy game and makes you think and take into account many details when planning the game. The player must also show knowledge of history in order not to miss any enemy action.

Install notes: Windows 10: start the game via link_Start_Battleground.


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