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Description of SIMCITY 3000

SimCity 3000 is an economic game released in 1999 by Electronic Arts, Inc. The game was released for PC (Windows) and Macintosh.

In the game, you play the mayor. Our task is to manage the city. We start the game on an empty area where we will develop our city. In selected sectors, you can create zones for residential, commercial and industrial purposes. In addition to the division into zones, you can build roads, parks, trains, water pipes, power plants and many more.

Your task is to create a thriving city. If you fail - you will be deprived of office.

Where to get the game SIMCITY 3000

Why can't the game be downloaded? The game SIMCITY 3000 is protected by copyright. The game SIMCITY 3000 You can buy the game on one of the game distribution platforms (list above). By clicking the 'Go to shop' button, you will be redirected to the selected store where you can check the price of the game.

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Alex The Swede 2021-08-22
Works fine on ASUS Vivobook 15. Just unpack it i your games folder and create a shortcut to sc3.
Thanx! Sound is excellent.

David S. 2021-07-26
I have windows 10. Does anyone know how to get the downloaded content working at all?

Jack 2021-06-23
WOW, this download worked in my Windows 10 without any installation nor any problems! I have the CD but never works after installing it in windows 10 and this game is still very good.

Anyone having a problem with opening the download file, you just have to rename the file by adding the ".zip" or ".rar"extension at the end of the file and then extract it.

Thank you very much AG!

Erno 2021-03-23
thank you very much, the best sim city 3000

Ken 2021-02-27
Game works well but the music is nothing but static is there a way to fix that?

Annomous 2020-12-15
The sound is not working right

Glenn 2020-12-14
I downloaded this and it was working great. But recently when I start the game there is a black screen instead of the map. Any solution?

LeonCastillo 2020-11-30
Works without Problems on Win10.

Luis 2020-10-20
Does this works

Atlas 2020-07-02
@Manuel @Abe the file extension needs to be .RAR

Garry 2020-06-25
Just a quick comment about getting this to run on windows 10,

1 right click the game,

2 Click Properties,

3Compatability: Click reduce color than 16bit color, run as administrator.

Abhishek Joardar 2020-05-06
it is the most difficult, simulation. But as a user i do not under stand ......

Abe 2020-04-26
@Manuel, I had the same problem, did you manage to solve it?

Manuel 2020-04-13
The file i downloaded has not extension, someone knows how to execute 5e946c0cedab4-simcity3000
thanks for comments!!!

Nat 2019-12-23
SimCity is an economic game. it trains you how to build not just life but a business from scratch.

TJxr 2019-11-16

Christian 2019-10-29
Ist für mich das schönste Spiel