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Description of GRANADA

In 2016, Africa is a battlefield between two groups, the war is about the rights to mine a rare metal available on the Africa. Modern, deadly Maneuver Cepters tanks take part in the battles. Unexpectedly, the parties involved in conflict have to face a new opponent. This is a mysterious MC unit called Granada, which consistently destroys the troops of both groups.

The player takes control of Leon Todo - the pilot of the title Granada, also known as the God of Africa. Its task is to destroy all mobile enemies and stationary weapons during combat taking place in various settings (e.g. city, desert). At the end of each level, there is a boss fight.

The Granada tank is equipped with a standard rapid-fire cannon, it also has the ability to send powerful energy projectiles that deal high damage but cause recoil. At each level, the player can get Power-Ups that increase his firepower.

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