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Description of SIMCITY 2000

SimCity 2000, a simulation-economics game created in 1995. Electronic Arts was originally released for Apple Macintosh later for Amiga and PC.

The goal of the game is to build the city from the ground up and manage the infrastructure so that in 2051 it will send out colonists to another planet. That is the main purpose of the game. SimCity 2000, compared to its predecessor, is enriched with new buildings (prisons, hospitals, museums, etc.). The player has the ability to build highways, train stations, subways, etc.

The game is for fans of the "sim" series, or tycoons. Graphically SimCity presents a decent level, sound - well, it's not the most important in this type of production. You will definitely spend hours with this game over the years.

Install notes:
The game for Amiga computers is an installation version for HD. The minimum requirements are kickstart min 3.0, 68020 processor, 2 Mb Chip Ram and AGA chipset.

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