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Description of BLUR

Blur is a game that is basically a car racing game. The maps on which the player is racing are a representation of real places, and many of the vehicles available in the game are licensed. This means that with a bit of luck in the real world, you can get behind the wheel of a given car.

The great advantage of this game is the varied way you play with other people. You can play it with a friend (or 4) sitting on one sofa on a split screen, over the LAN with a larger group of friends or over the Internet with completely strangers, of whom there can be as many as 20!

The ability to play with other people does not mean that the game does not have a single player. There is a career mode in which, by playing the role of Danica Patrick, the player tries to gain money and fame. The main character on her way meets many obstacles, strange races and people with whom she will have to bargain for car parts. Races differ in the ways of winning, there are individual and group races. And while racing, the player must remember to do various acrobatics, use the afterburner and perform strange tricks to get the so-called fan points. They help you progress in your career as well as buy more cars and gain more fans. Because this is what the game is about. About racing, getting new cars and improving them.

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