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Publisher: Blue Byte

Year: 1993

Genre: strategy




Settlers, a strategic game with commercial elements released by Blue Byte in 1993. The game was created for Amiga and PC.
The goal of the game is to build a city and to take control of hostile cities. Seems not to be a compiled task, but appearances are wrong. Before you start to acquire foreign cities, you need to expand your city. Your task will be to manage the exchange and production of goods to keep the continuity of production, provide the right amount of materials needed to build more homes, workshops, etc. Remember that each building requires the right raw materials. Some buildings can only be erected when your city meets the requirements.
Example: In order to win other cities you have to recruit knights. To maintain their morale you must have the right amount of gold to pay them. But that is not all, the knight must have a gun. You must have iron and charcoal to get a gun. You will find coal and iron in mines that you must build before. But to build a mine, you need food. etc.
In Settlers, you can compete with a computer, a player, or in a game against a computer. The game is very extensive. Pulls for long hours. Graphic Settlers look very nice, the sound completes the whole picture. Do not wait and dive into the fantasy world and win it!


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