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Description of TH3 PLAN

Five years ago, Stephen Foster and Robert Taylor were hired by the mafia to steal two Rembrandt paintings. For them, the best thieves in the world, this should be an easy task, but Foster wanted more. At a crucial moment, he without hesitation sacrificed his partner and his team to appropriate all the loot. Now, five years later, it's time for your revenge. Taylor only needs a team of specialists, technologically advanced tools and the perfect plan ... Th3 Plan.

Th3 Plan is an action game released in 2006 by Monte Cristo Multimedia. During the game, the player can control up to 3 characters at the same time. The screen is divided into three parts, separate for each character, and the hero that the player currently controls takes most of the screen. The player must skillfully maneuver the team members and bring them to cooperation. For example, one character may talk to the guard to distract him, while the other character may open a forbidden door. Stealth / stealth missions are often followed by gunfighting missions that are much more intense. Usually, the player has to protect one of the characters while another activity is taking place, e.g. killing opponents with the rest of the group.

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