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Publisher: Virgin Interactive Entertainment

Developer: Westwood Studios

Year: 1996

Genre: strategy rts




Command & Conquer: Red Alert, a strategy game (RTS) released in 1996 by Virgin Interactive. The game was released for PC and PlasyStation.
It is 1946. Albert Einstein, in order to change the fate of the world and prevent the outbreak of World War II, built a time machine called. Chronosphere. With his help he retreated back to 1924, when Adolf Hitler left the Landsberg prison. She meets him at the prison gate. At the moment he greets him and gives him a hand, Hitler mysteriously disappears. Hoping to save the world before World War II, the scientist returned to 1946. The political situation of the world has changed. Because Hitler was wiped out of history and never reached power, Germany remained a democratic state, and war did not erupt.
In the absence of danger on the part of Germany, there remained only one country capable of threatening world democracy - the Soviet Union, ruled by Józef Stalin. In 1950 Stalin, with its mighty army, struck the unsuspecting European states with the intention of extending the Soviet empire from China to the British Isles. The Red Army, attacking from the north, east and south, occupied much of Europe. Yet unassisted European states have created an alliance against the aggressor.
Read Alert gives you the opportunity to choose from two alternate game endings. You can become a leader of the allied army (allies) or stand on the side of the Soviet army. The world is now dependent on you.

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