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Amiga, PC

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Description of SAPER

Minesweeper, a puzzle game released in 1993 by L.K. Avalon. The game originally appeared for the "little" Atari, later released the game conversion for Amiga and PC.

In the game we play the title sapera, which is the task of manually firing explosives placed under the seat of a criminal organization. Let's go back in time. Criminals of a criminal organization (not named) have stolen confidential documents from NATO headquarters. CIA agents sent to recover them unfortunately did not return from the action. The only solution is to eliminate this organization and destroy valuable documents. That's how you were sent to this crazy mission. You need to detonate explosives and save the world from total destruction.

Minesweeper is a variation of the well known game (under the same title) we played on Windows 95. In the Polish version of the game, several items were added like chests, platforms, etc. Minesweeper is a position addressed to fans of puzzle games.

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