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Description of RE-VOLT

Re-Volt, a racing game released in 1999 by Acclaim Enntertainment. The game was released for PC personal computers and consoles PlayStation, Dreamcast and Nintendo 64.

Re-Volt is a game in which we control a car remotely controlled. At our disposal are 28 car models (initially only available in a few) divided into several classes: rookie, amateur, advanced, semi-pro and pro. Each of them, we can race on 14 routes (eg, city streets, supermarkets, ships etc), additional "route" is a stunt arena where we can train and learn tricks. Additional power-ups, thanks to which we can get rockets, bullets, grease and much more. This will make it possible to hinder the race to other players.

Re-Volt, it's the races to which he is happy to return after years. This is a cool variant of "standard" racing. Another advantage is the ability to play multiplayer.

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