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Description of OUTRUN 2006: COAST 2 COAST

OutRun 2006: Coast 2 Coast is an arcade game (racing) released in 2006 by SEGA. The game was released for PC (Windows), PlayStation 2, PSP and Xbox.

OutRun 2006, like the previous games in this series, is a typical arcade game. In the game there are 15 models of Ferrari cars (game licensed by Ferrari), eg DINO 246GTS, F430 etc. The main game mode is the title Coast 2 Coast (from coast to coast) in which we race with AI players (max 5) in 15 races across the United States. Apart from the race, you also have to impress the girl. To get the girl's heart you must perform difficult and dangerous maneuvers (eg dangerous overtaking, drift, etc.).

After completing the race, you get miles of OutRun points. Points are needed to unlock new cars, upgrades and additional music stations (as in old skill games, before the race you choose the music you want to race at).

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Kei 2021-08-30
Thanks! It just works without a fuss. Every bit of the game is as good as I remembered it.

Neil 2020-12-19
Fantastic i have not played this in years and this installed and worked off the bat with no additional steps required. Thank you so much. 12/2020

SparkzTehDragon 2020-07-28
For some reason I am unable to initiate Outrun’s Executable file for the game itself. It is extracted and the sorts, but apparently a .dll file is missing which I do not understand. A friend of mine had the same problem and all they did was switch the location of where the file would go, but the problem is, is that there is no context of why it does this to this day. I was wondering what I should do to fix this issue. The missing file is “d3dx9_29.dll” full error.


The program can’t start because d3dx9_29.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem.

In which that method did nothing for me in reinstalling / redownloading the software. This has been shown to be an issue to operating systems, “Windows 8/8.1/10” to this day as far as I am aware.

Sam. 2020-07-27
I unzip the package and then double click OR2006C2C application but it says a dll file is missing and it cant run it :(. How to fix it please? thanks.

FunkyKoval 2020-06-09
@IronicSonic - If you have downloaded the file and there is no extension - add zip. In addition - you can open the downloaded file with any resurrecting program, e.g. WinRAR (open with ...).

IronicSonic 2020-06-09
Thanks for the file. What kind of file is it? Is a image? a old windows app? please help!

Benjamin 2020-05-25
Thank you very much ! I love this game ^^

oujisan2236 2020-04-27
Wish this got sold on Steam still

b3kappa 2020-04-05
Fix sun and bloom effect: copy from Media folder inside Outrun Coast to Coast the File lens_flare_offset.bin into the Common folder

Masterjakep 2020-01-11
for those surfing the web for a legit emulator of outrun that works this is the one!

Dubz 2020-01-10
Thanks for the hook up!

Kevin 2020-01-06
thank you bro!!!!

emiliano 2019-12-13
thank you bro!!!!

kaz 2019-07-06
thanks man,that game brings me so many memories.

Vitor 2019-05-30
This game is still awesome, I love it!

dinca antonio 2019-05-24
Jocul este foarte tare ciar si acum in 2019

Daniel 2019-05-05
Awesome memories with SEGA Genesis.