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Publisher: 1C Company

Developer: 1C Company

Year: 2006

Genre: strategy rts




Theater of War is a strategy game (RTS) released in 2006 by 1C Company. The game was released for PC (Windows).
Theater of War is a real-time strategy game. In the game, we will be able to take part in the most important battles of World War II in 1939-1945. The game offers five campaigns, for several sides of the conflict, including Germany, France, Russia, Poland and the Allies (combined forces of the USA and Great Britain). We will be able to command troops composed of various types of units, including tanks, armored transporters, guns, mortars, infantry regiments, air support, etc. In Theater of War, the authors put great emphasis on the realism of the game and the authenticity of battle scenarios (which are faithfully recreated from actual maps from World War II).

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