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Description of QWAK

Qwak is an action platformer game released by Team17 Software Limited in 1993. The main character of the game is a green duck that you will have the pleasure to control. Your task is to lead the duck through 80 different levels in such a way as to get the highest possible score without losing all of your character's lives. Collect fruit and gems on the way to increase points in your account. In turn, the appearing gold and silver keys will allow you to complete the given levels and lead you to the next ones. Watch out for enemies lurking around. You can try to defeat them with egg shells. There will also be time challenges to overcome, requiring the player to complete a level within a set time, e.g. 20 seconds, while collecting as many fruits as possible. On most platforms, the game only works in single player mode. The exception is Amiga, which allows two players to play simultaneously.

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