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Publisher: Talon Soft

Developer: TalonSoft, Inc.

Year: 1995

Genre: strategy turn-based




Battleground: Ardennes is a strategy game released in 1995 by TalonSoft. The game was released for PC (Windows).
Battleground Ardennes is a strategic turn-based game set during the last years of World War II. There are 23 battles in the game that actually took place between December 1944 and January 1945, in the Ardennes forest. The player can command both allied and Axis forces. During the game, a map is available with icons symbolizing troops. The player can also see the parameters of units such as movement speed, morale and firepower - thanks to this, he can strategically plan actions. The battlefield is available in isometric or classic top-down view. Battleground Ardennes maps real historical events, but the player can also choose 3 special scenarios that represent alternative versions of events. There is also a mission editor, which gives the player the opportunity to create his own battle from scratch, which he can play against the computer or against another player in the available multiplayer mode.

Install notes: Windows 10: start the game from the link _Start_Battleground.


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