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Description of PLANETS EDGE

Planet's Edge: The Point of no Return is an extensive strategic science fiction production that fits into the space opera genre.
In 2045, the Earth disappears from the universe under the influence of electromagnetic force. The planet becomes the target of a failed experiment by an alien race whose ship then crashes onto the moon. A small human facility located in its vicinity becomes the last hope to reverse an unprecedented phenomenon. Its crew has to travel through 8 systems to complete the pieces of space technology and then save the Earth.
The player takes control of the facility and the members of the team, which includes: William Dean (pilot), Katya Mershova (weapons specialist), Nelson Ngatadatu (engineer) and Osai Tsakafuchi (medic). Each of them can die during the mission, but technology allows you to replace the missing expert with his clone. The gameplay consists of the constant development of the station and the spacecraft, the development of new technologies, the exploration of alien planets, as well as establishing trade contacts and facing alien races.

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