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Publisher: Sierra On-Line

Developer: Impression Games

Year: 1999

Genre: strategy




Pharaoh (Pharaoh) is a strategy game released in 1999 by Sierra OnLine. The game was released for PCs (Windows).
The game's action is set in ancient Egypt. You play the leader of a settlement (dynasty), gradually gaining more and more honorable positions in the hierarchy, and at the end of the game playing as a pharaoh.
The game is divided into stages, which the player counts in turn within the five periods: Genesis, Archaic, Old State, Middle State and New State. At some moments, you can choose the city where the game will be played. One of the conditions (but not always) of completing the stage is the appropriate number of houses and residents.
Pharaoh, is a game similar to the Caesar III illusion - nothing strange - both games are based on the same engine. If you played in Ceasar, Pharaoh is a game you should play in.


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