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Publisher: Electronic Arts

Developer: Digital Illusions

Year: 2002

Genre: fps




Battlefield 1942, an FPS game released in 2002 by Electronic Arts. The game was released for PCs and Macintosh PCs.
In Battlefield 1942, players play the role of soldiers from one of the five states participating in the Second World War. Various vehicles and five infantry classes are available to players. The game takes place on real battle maps that took place in one of the four action theaters - North Africa, the Western Front, the Eastern Front, and the Pacific. The gameplay in which players are divided into two teams (Allies and Axis), emphasizes co-operation, since the goal of the game - reducing the number of opposing teams to zero - is achieved primarily by maintaining the so- Checkpoints on the map, which also serve as a place to revive the players and military equipment, and to a lesser extent by killing the enemy soldiers.
Battlefield 1942 was positively received by critics; The visual and multiplayer modes were praised, while the single-player game was negated. She has won four Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences awards. Two Roadblocks: The Road to Rome and Secret Weapons of WWII. The Road to Rome extends the battle of the Italian campaign and allows for the side of Italy and Free Frenchmen. Secret Weapons of WWII provides players with prototype and experimental weapons from the Second World War.


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