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Publisher: Electronic Arts

Developer: Tiburon Entertainment

Year: 1996

Genre: action shooter




Nuclear Strik is an action game released in 1996 by Electronic Arts. The game was released for PC (Windows), Nintendo 64, PlayStation, PSP and PS Vita.
Another in a series of games in which the player sits at the helm controls and sets off to meet the enemy. There will be fifteen playable vehicles at his disposal. Some of them are machines invented especially for the game (e.g. Super Apache helicopter or the non-existent Thunderbolt jet model). Most often, however, we will be able to use real vehicles (apart from helicopters it will be, among others: M1 Abrams tank, Bradley armored vehicle, and even a PACV hovercraft).
Each on the map on which the fighting is taking place is associated with several missions. Sometimes we will have to command land forces, and sometimes we will cooperate with an ally led by AI. Tasks to perform are relatively diverse: aerial support, escort, destruction of strategic buildings, transport and, of course, eliminating enemy units. A kind of facilitation is a compass showing the location of the mission objective and a radar with the marking of enemy units. Do not forget about ammunition and fuel reserves. The clash area was divided into five different types of terrain.

Install notes: Before starting the game, install nGlide (you will find in the section Utilities).


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