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Publisher: Microsoft
Developer: Rainbow Studios
Year: 1998
Genre: racing


Motocross Madness is an arcade game (races) released in 1998 by Microsoft. The game was released for PCs (Windows).
In the game, we sit behind the wheel of a high-performance motorcycle. We compete in four competitions:
- Stunt cross - we perform tricks to earn points. A larger longer and more effective combination results in a higher number of points,
- National race - in this mode, we race with others on the race track adapted to Motocross,
- Baja - we are heading towards the gates. The arrow above the head shows the direction of the goal. The task is hampered by the opponents who can push us through so that we can not fit in the goal, which results in a fall,
- Supercross - racing on tracks at special stadiums, with humps, thresholds and holes obstructing the ride.
An additional mode is multiplayer, where we can race with friends.


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