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Publisher: Rainbow Arts Software

Developer: Rainbow Arts Software GmbH

Year: 1990

Genre: action racing




Masterblazer from 1990 is a racing game published by Rainbow Arts Software GmbH. The game is available on Amiga, Atari ST and DOS platforms. Masterblazer is both a remake and a continuation of the 1984 game Ballblazer.
The axis of the game is racing in vehicles called Rotofoils. The player taking control of one of such vehicles moves to a special rectangular field made of squares. This futuristic sport involves putting a ball, called a Plasmorb, into the goal as many times as possible within three minutes. So the rules are simple: three minutes, two players, one winner! Compared to Ballblazer, Masterblazer also offers a tournament mode that allows up to eight players to compete.


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