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Description of MAFIA

Mafia is an action game released in 2002 by Gathering of Developers. The game was released for PC (Windows), PlayStation and XBox.

The action of the game takes place in the open world of Lost Heaven. It is a fictional metropolis set in the 1930s in Illinois. The main character of the game is a certain Tommy Angel, a taxi driver who decides to start working for the mafia - the Salieri family. The game has both elements of free exploitation and a series of tasks with cutscenes. The player can choose from over 50 cars, including various Mercedes, Cadillacs and Alfa Romeos. Due to the license, they appear under bogus names. Their availability increases as you progress through the game. Tommy Angel is being hunted by the local police for a number of crimes committed, both minor and major. The main task of the taxi driver is to help the family mafia escape from the Mollers, an equally dangerous family. A friendly bond develops between the Salierich and Tommy, which results in various assignments and dangerous situations. After completing the main thread of the game, the player unlocks the so-called extreme driving mode where he can perform stunts with cars as well as receive minor tasks to complete.

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