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Publisher: Electronic Arts

Developer: Ocean Software

Year: 1994

Genre: arcade strategy




Jungle Strike, a continuation of the great game that was Desert Strike. The game was created in 1994 for Amiga computers and in 1995 for PC. Jungle Strike was released by Elektronic Arts. An interesting version for Amiga came out from the Ocean Sign, and the PC version - Gremlin Interactive.
As in the previous section (Desert Strike), this time we also need to prevent global terrorism. The forces of General Kilbab and Carlos Ortega allied themselves. There is a growing tension in the world. Kilbaba and Ortega are testing atomic weapons and are in possession of them. Now is the time to destroy the present order in the world. The only rescue is the elite helicopter unit Comanche. At the controls of one of them you sit. The future depends on you ...
Jungle Strike, no different from the predecessor. Tactical maps also did not undergo any major changes. If you played the previous part, you should feel like a helicopter pilot, like a fish in the water. In terms of graphics, many improvements have not been made. As for the sequel, the player turned to a more graphically developed game. In general, you can play Jungle Strike, but this is not a mandatory entry.

Install notes:
The Amiga version does not require the original rom. You can start the game using Aros included with the latest WinUAE emulator. The version we release is for AGA chipset.


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