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Description of AIRLINES 2

Have you always dreamed of supervising the routes of various types of planes? Airlines 2 is coming to fulfill it! A production that allows you to play the role of the owner of a small company dealing in air transport. This great economic game perfectly reproduces individual treatments related to logistics in this field. It is up to you what you invest in during your first steps with Airlines 2. Whether it is a new branch or a few planes to increase your income. Simple rule - the more you do, the more you have. The creators paid attention to many small details, thus making their product drip with realism. We have 110 real planes at our disposal! I find it an inviting treat for anyone who is fascinated by flying vehicles. An extensive interface that looks really professional gives an additional and unique production atmosphere. When playing the game, you can forget that this is just a game. In addition, Airlines 2 offers us 4 types of gameplay, so it depends on us on what levels we want to develop our company. A broad branch of the economy, movements aimed at fighting competition, are just the beginning of what Airlines 2 offers us. Undeniably, a classic of the genre that should not be ignored.

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