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Publisher: Codemasters

Developer: Brain in a Jar Ltd.

Year: 2003

Genre: racing sports




IndyCar Series is a racing game released in 2003 by Codemasters Software. The game was released for PC (Windows), PlayStation and XBox.
Indycar Series is a game that takes us to the tracks of the famous American Indy Car races. We sit behind the wheel of one of 27 special cars speeding on 14 different tracks.
In the single player mode, we will be able to choose a single specific race or more extensive gameplay. One of them is the career mode, in which, by choosing a specific team, we go through the entire season, i.e. 15 races. And the competition mode in the Indy 500 formula will allow us to ride the most famous track in the world in Indianapolis.
The realism of the game should be mentioned here. It is not only a reference to famous races. Each of the cars and tracks is accurately reproduced thanks to the purchased license. The gameplay mechanics are also extremely realistic. At the highest level of difficulty, we get a realistic simulator in which the slightest error can cause a loss of grip and exclusion from the route.
An interesting fact here is the "Masterclass" option. In it we get a comment from one of the best Indy races drivers - Eddie Cheever, about various driving situations.


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