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Publisher: U.S. Gold

Developer: Delphine Software International

Year: 1993

Genre: platform




Flashback, adventure-arcade game released in 1993 by US Gold. The game debuted on Amiga computers, later on it was transferred to PCs, Macintosh and consoles SEGA, 3DO, Playstation.
In this game you play Conrad B. Hart. During your research, you discover a secret hidden by the government. The discovery of this is the existence of extraterrestrials, which really threaten humanity. Fearing for your life, you saved all your memories and personality in a hologram. Shortly afterwards you were caught and imprisoned. On the first chance you slip on a scooter. But you did not run away. Somewhere above the jungle you were knocked out, and then you lost consciousness. After some time you regain consciousness, but you do not know who you are and what happened ... And so your adventure begins.
Graphically, as well as the soundtrack of the game, it stands at a high level. If you played Another World, this game you will surely enjoy. Adventure not from this land.


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