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Description of ZOOL 2

Zool 2, a platform-arcade game released in 1994 by Gremlin Graphics. The game was developed for the Amiga, PC and Atari Jaguar.

Remember the first part of the adventures of the brave ant from the 9th dimension? Now you can continue the adventure! In the game we have to overcome 6 posymes, each in a different "theme" graphic and musical. In Zool 2 you have the ability to choose the hero you want to control. The game allows you to choose Zool or his Zooz'i girl. Characters have no special abilities. Zool 2 allows you to play 2 players on a "hot seats" basis, that is, every player has his turn.

Graphically and soundly the game stands on a decent (high) pozimie. Although many changes have not been made (in relation to the predecessor) beyond the choice of character, the game can draw in for several hours.

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