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Description of DUNE

Dune, a strategy game with elements of adventure game published in 1992 by Virigin Interactive. The game was developed for the Amiga and PC, and was later developed for the SEGA.

The game was based on Frank Herbert's book under this title smaym. The goal of the game is to unite the Fremen people from the planet Arrakis and defeat the Harkonnen. You play the role of Paul Atrydy son of Prince Leto and Jessica. Your mission is to win the favor of the leaders of the Fremen people. Thanks to your support, you have the chance to overwhelm the Empress Shaddam Corrino IV tyrant.

Dune is a strategy game (RTS), but the authors of the game added an adventure story. Through dialogues with characters, we will have to go through the so-called. Mini quests (mini challenges). This makes the game become very addictive and does not allow for a quick exit from the computer.

Graphically the game presents a very high level. The characters, adapted from David Lynch's film under the same title, increase the value of the game. Sound stai on decent level. This is the first game that has been moved from a floppy disk to a CD. In the CD version, digitized speech and music CDs were added.

Install notes:
Amiga requires original rom eg. Kickstart 1.3.

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