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Publisher: Id Software

Year: 1994

Genre: fps




Doom II, an FPS type game released in 1994 by Id Software. The game was made for PCs, and then in 1995, the Macintosh was released. With great popularity, the game was created for console BameBoy Adavance in 2002 and Xbox in 2010.
The game does not make much changes to the prototype. Added several dozen new monsters that need to be abolished to get to the next level (level). In Doom II, levels have been expanded (they are now much more complex and larger than the first part of the game). Added one additional weapon - Super ShotGun, and a few bonuses such as Megasphere, thanks to which we get as much as 200% "life". The multiplayer model has been improved. With this functionality, the game has gained immense popularity.
The game as a sequel, did not introduce many revolutionary changes. The game engine has remained unchanged. Several new monsters have been added and levels have been expanded - thanks to this, the hardware requirements have jumped considerably. Still - every fan of FPS games should know this position. Nothing revolutionary - but you have to know;)

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