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Description of DEAD SPACE

Dead Space is a game that takes full advantage of two popular trends. The action takes place in the 26th century and here we encounter many threads that are well known to us from science fiction. The gameplay itself, however, qualifies as survival horror.

The action begins several hundred years in the future. Humanity has developed enough to colonize distant worlds. At the same time, an important discovery is made on Earth.
An alien artifact called Marker is found in a crater in Mexico. Scientists are trying to understand its structure and build a copy. Many citizens, in turn, begin to worship the structure and form a religion known as Unitology.
In part, religious worship is justified. "Miracles" happen around Marker - hallucinations and resurrections occur.

In the first installment of the series, we play the role of engineer Isaac Clarke. He is a member of the USS Ishimura rescue mission. He joined an expedition to save his girlfriend.
It turns out that the interior of a star cruiser is filled with necromorphs - people brought to life by Marker. The hero has access to advanced equipment. It was designed with the extraction of resources in mind, but it also works great as a weapon.

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Currently, the game cannot be downloaded from our website.

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