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Description of DARKLANDS

Darklands is a breakthrough for fans of the RPG genre, which are not lacking among fans of desktop computers. The action of the game takes the player to the realities of Germany from the 15th century. Before starting the game, the player should read the manual carefully to become familiar with its non-obvious rules. The team is generated on the basis of a series of choices regarding the past profession or their origin. The world is fully open, but at the same time filled to the brim with content. In addition to the main plot, there are many interesting side-quests to be completed, with juicy duels with opponents. They are more or less real creatures believed by the people living in the game universe. Due to the historical realities of the production, there are practically no magic elements in it. Instead, alchemy and religion-based elements have been implemented. The factor that makes the production more attractive is the noticeable passage of time, as a result of which the heroes may die, for example from fatigue due to the difficulties of traveling. This is not obvious from today's point of view, challenging gameplay for long hours of delving into the realities of a rich universe.

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