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Publisher: Capstone Software

Developer: Capstone Software

Year: 1995

Genre: action platform




Zorro is a platform game released in 1995 by Capstone Software. Based on the famous story of a masked swordsman, the hero of a series of books by the American writer Johnston McCulley.
The player takes the role of Don Diego Vega, whose mysterious alter ego opposes the corrupt reality, and above all a man named Cortez. As a defender of the people of California, which was then the Spanish colony, Zorro sets out to stop Cortez and the local governors and military commanders alone.
The main goal of the game is to move from one platform to another and collect items on the way to get out of a given level. In the meantime, Zorro encounters armed opponents on his way, whom he must defeat either with a whip or with what he is most often associated with, i.e. an sword.


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