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Description of CSI: MIAMI

Of course, CSI Miami was created on the basis of the series of the same title. It is a crime production about a group of people dealing with solving cases of various crimes. The events of the game present puzzles mainly related to the timeline of the opening episodes of the series.

One of the very attractive flavors is the use of the original voices of the actors in the dialogues of the game. The missions and challenges posed by the game are largely based on the original, so realism comes first. Fans of the CSI series can also use their memory to solve mysteries, as the series gives a lot of clues.

The plot was created by the scriptwriters of the series. The game allows you to play the role of a new CSI detective. There are many unexpected twists in the story, and there are 5 independent criminal cases to be solved. The game interacts with the original series characters: Horatio Caine, Yelina Salas, as well as Calleigh Duquesne, Eric Delko and Tim Speedle. All team members are charismatic characters that will be remembered for a long time. Perfectly selected dialogues make the game immersion come to a super realistic level.

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HaileyKitty 2024-02-10
I have installed CSI Miami on a different drive and had tried to run the patch to update to v1.01 and I keep getting the error that its not installed and that the game is required to be installed. Any fixes would be helpful. Tried reinstalling the game and running it as admin every time but I get the same message