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Publisher: Audiogenic Software

Developer: Unconscious Minds

Year: 1995

Genre: action platform




Odyssey is an action platform game released in 1995 by Audiogenic Software, Ltd. The game available on the Amiga platform allows you to play the role of a hero involved in a series of family conflicts. Years ago, our character was the main contender to the throne, but after his father was murdered by his uncle, everything changed. He himself was sentenced to exile, but after a few lost years he returns to regain what he owes. For this, he only needs super power, which has been trapped in crystals scattered throughout the kingdom. Your task is to help find all the shards and regain control happily. Odyssey consists of seven levels leading to hidden stones. There are also a number of puzzles to solve along the way, all while fighting your uncle's soldiers trying to stop you from doing it all.


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