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Publisher: Brøderbund

Developer: Cyan Worlds

Year: 1993

Genre: adventure point and click





Myst is an adventure (point and click) game released in 1993 by Brøderbund Software. The game was released for PC (Windows), Macintosh and later for other platforms including Sega Saturn, PlayStation, Amiga OS etc.
In the game, we play the role of a nameless hero who, using a magical book, moved to the Myst island. On the island we will follow the instructions written by the writer Artrus - to get to other worlds. In every world you will find hints that will help you learn about the history of the island. The game has a few endings - the one you see - it's up to you.


You will run the game in a SheepShaver emulator (or an old Macintosh).

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