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Description of COLD WAR

Cold War, released in 2005 by DreamCatcher Interactive, takes you back to the times of the Cold War. The player has the opportunity to play the role of Matthew Carter, who as an American journalist resides in Russia. This is not the first time you've come into contact with this country, and even worse, with the KGB conspirators. You are in possession of important information and the plans of the conspirators. One time, you find yourself caught up in a trap arranged by the conspirators. The matter becomes more complicated when it turns out that you were the author of a report on the KGB operation in Berlin.

As revenge, your regular camera has been replaced with equipment with x-ray weapons. So you are caught as the murderer of the secretary general and imprisoned in the Lubyanka investigative prison. Your goal is to break out of jail with the chief of the Presidential Guard who was also framed. You have to work with him to not only get free, but also to prove your innocence and stop KGB radicals from overthrowing the government. As a journalist, you are not an expert on weapons, so you have to use your own cunning and attack with anything you can.

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