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Publisher: Core Design

Developer: Core Design

Year: 1991

Genre: platform arcade




Chuck Rock is a platform-arcade game released in 1991 by Core Design. The game was made for Amiga, Atari ST, C64 and SEGA consoles.
One day when Chuck was watching television, and Ophelia (his wife) was dealing with household chores, Gary Gritter sneaked into their home. Ophelia always liked Garro, but she did not have anything. However, Garry's wife Chuck responded the most. So that day he decided to kidnap her. And so your adventure begins.
In the game you control Chuck. You're going to take a break to get your wife back. By avoiding the dangerous path you will have to avoid and eliminate various creatures living in the times of the split stone. For your defense you have your tummy. In addition, you can use various stones to defend yourself or climb to the top. The road is not easy, you have 25 different locations. Fun for a few hours bricks.
Chuck Rock is a graphically well-tuned game. Color and animation of the character is at the highest level. Sound and music are not behind the graphics. You can play every year from 7 to 107. Entertainment for several hours guaranteed.

Install notes:
The game does not require the original rom. You can start with the attached Aros.


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