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Publisher: MicroProse

Developer: Mythos Games Ltd.

Year: 1997

Genre: strategy turn-based




X-Com: Apocalypse is a strategy game released in 1997 by MicroProse. The game was released for PC (DOS / Windows).
X-Com: Apocalypse presents a futuristic vision of the world. The game is played this time not on the planet Earth, but on the huge metropolis Mega-Prime. It is a title developing key aspects of previous parts of the game, thanks to which it has more innovation and possibilities. One of the novelties is the introduction of organizations that operate independently of the player, which makes the gameplay more complicated and richer. The player's main task is still to fight an alien civilization that threatens humanity. The player sends combat teams to threatened places, which he then commands through an extensive turn-based combat system. During the game, the remains of foreign technology gather, thanks to which we expand our own arsenal and make it more effective in subsequent skirmishes. In addition to the improved graphics, there is also an audible change for the better in audio. This is a classic PC games that should attract primarily players focused on a deep tactical layer combined with the management of an organization that protects humanity.

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