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Description of BENEFACTOR

Benefactor, a logic-platform game released by Psygnosis. The game was created in 1994 for Amiga computers.

In the game you control a hero named Ben E. Factor. Ben left the army shergers to save the world. This time he must rescue a group of Marry Man, kidnapped from a foreign planet and imprisoned on the ground. You have to defeat 60 levels, divided into worlds: Underworld, Tombs of Egypt, The treetop rescue, Stones and Bones, Merry winterland, The techno treat and To hell with Minniat. You control Ben as a platform game, but in order to get the key and free Merry-Men, you have to chase a little. Your goal is to find the key to free Merry-Man. Remember, however, that you must release the Merry Men in the right order. Each Ludek has unique properties that will allow you to complete the level. You will not be able to help the creature, mummies or other flying birds in the key.

There is no limit to 'live'. You play until you level. The good thing is to put in the codes, so you do not have to start playing again.

Although very small characters are used in the game, they are clear and well visible. This helps with higher levels. Graphics are just as good as the sound effects. The game will appeal to players who like puzzle.

Install notes:
The game requires a minimum of 1 Mb of Chip RAM.

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