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Description of ATOMIC / ATOMIX

Atomic is a logic game released in 1990 by Thalion Software. The game was originally released on Amiga computers, Atari ST. At a later time converted to PC games, the conversion also surrendered the title of the game. The PC game is called Atomix.

The game is a typical example of logic games. Our task is to arrange the chemical element from the atoms scattered on the board. Atomic / Atomix at first does not seem to be a difficult game - the arrangement of the first few elements should not cause us a problem. However, the next level can really spoil the nerves;) The game needs to rethink every move, because one nuisance move and unfortunately, but we do not finish the level.

Atomic / Atomix is ​​a game worth playing. Well shuffle gray cells. The game looks good - as for the logic game everything looks nice without unnecessary additions. The sound in this type of game is not the most important element, so here it looks rather modest. For years that have passed since release date, it's a good idea to return to this game.

Install notes:
The Amiga version requires an original rom (eg Kickstart 1.3).

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