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Publisher: Activision

Developer: Syrox Developments, Ltd.

Year: 1998

Genre: arcade shooter




Asteroids is an arcade game released in 1998 by Activision. The game was released for Macintosh, PC (Windows), Game Boy and PlayStation.
Asteroids is a conversion of a very well-known and even cult game released on slot machines in the 80's. The rules of the game remain unchanged - you work for a space mining corporation. Your task is to destroy the asteroids in the designated space region. There are five zones in the game, which are divided into levels. In addition, before the mission you will be able to choose one of three types of spaceships - each has strengths and weaknesses.
Asteroids is a nice proposition for fans of this iconic game. In addition, after destroying the asteroid on the last level of the first zone - an additional option will appear in the main menu - Classic Asteroids. Recommended.


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