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Publisher: Rainbow Arts Software

Developer: Rainbow Arts Software

Year: 1990

Genre: platform arcade




Apprentice is an arcade game released in 1990 by Rainbow Arts Software. The game was released for Amiga and Atari ST.
In the game, you play the title student terminating with the magician. The world of magic is ruled by the evil dragon Fumo. No one has managed to defeat him so far. Now, you set off for adventure - if you manage to overcome the dragon Fumo - you will get the title of magic master.
The game consists of 17 levels, on each of them encounters many enemy creatures from hedgehogs, mushrooms to brooms. At some levels, you will be able to buy supplements for collected coins to help you survive in a sinister world. In addition, boxes that are full on each level may be helpful - with them you can build platforms, bridges and, as a last resort, use as a weapon.


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