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Publisher: Virgin Interactive Entertainment

Developer: Miracle Games

Year: 1994

Genre: action shooter




Apocalypse is an action game released in 1994 for the Amiga platform. Virgin Interactive Entertainment, Ltd. is responsible for its premiere. Apocalypse is a shooter based mainly on moving a helicopter. The action takes place in the jungle on the fictional island of Majipoor. Your main task will be to move by air in a helicopter and rescue prisoners hiding in the jungle. You also need to get to the evil dictator's jungle fortress and eliminate his forces. You will be interrupted by enemy tanks and helicopters, as well as patrols from watchtowers. Apocalypse offers five missions to complete, the defeating of which depends on the number of prisoners saved. However, it will not be so easy, because most often they are trapped in buildings that need to be demolished first. Of course, your equipment is suitable for this. The helicopter operated by you is properly armed, among others in a cannon, rockets or flamethrower. Be vigilant that none of the captives are injured during the capture action, and even more so that they are not killed. However, if this happens, you will also need to take stretchers and paramedics on board the helicopter.


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